Saturday, October 11, 2008

fotografia de calamitate

Fie ca e vorba de uraganul Katrina, de focurile din padurile americane / australiene sau de anualele inundatii din Romania (de ce nu, Europa), fotoreporterii trimisi sa capteze imaginile isi pun, alaturi de reporteri, viata in pericol. Despre asta vorbesc cativa editori foto din State intr-un articol din Poynter.
It's the kind of photography that causes you to linger longer looking at these pictures than the few seconds we generally spend on most; it's the kind of photography that can still bring a tear to this jaded old picture editor's eye who thinks he's seen most everything by now; it's the kind of photography that can still cause folks at the coffee shop - not realizing they're being watched as they look through the daily newspaper - to wordlessly mouth to themselves a silent "Wow."

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